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Comforts Of Home Esthetics

The Comforts Of Home Esthetics is a business that promotes wellness and relaxation of the mind, body & spirit. A salon where you can relax and enjoy manis & pedis, facials, and many more impeccable services. 

Kimberly - Owner / Esthetician 

"Since I decided to make my esthetics salon and services more visible online, I have been been pleasantly impressed how it has helped me promote my business. Thanks to the services of Oceanside Business Consulting, Kyle has allowed my clients and followers a chance to rediscover my service and positive vibes associated with me and my salon. OBC is proving to be a valuable next step in my work and I thank them for their ingenuity and hard work." 

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Photo By Kyle - Photography

Kyle is a photographer in the pursuit of awareness and social media growth. He specializes in landscape photography, aiming to build a following online and eventually sell prints while working along side business and professionals. 

Kyle - Photographer 

"I've been pursing photography for just under a year now. I am gaining valuable experience and knowledge in the art of landscape photography. I was a little confused as to what my next step was, until I met with OBC. Since working with them, they have created an Instagram that is rapidly growing followers and engagement, and steadily moving me towards my goal of selling prints and working with larger businesses. I couldn't be more happy with their services, I would recommend them any day."

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Busker Brothers Band

The Busker Brothers are a cover band. Combining their strengths, Steve and Jamie are able to sing, play guitar, and put on a great live show. They cover most of the classics, and are strong into the Celtic scene. They perform mostly in small to large pubs and have an exceptional following of people who come out to enjoy their entertainment. 

Steve - Band Member 

"The music and entertainment industry can be very competitive. Since working with Oceanside Business Consulting through social media, they have not only made The Busker Brothers more visible to the public, but have and continue to be an important part of us achieving more performance opportunities!"

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